About Us

We are a trusted partner, committed to excellent customer service and delivering high value through our exceptional staff.

Operational excellence

First Defence is a premier Information Technology Security Provider dedicated to leading the IT security industry and inspiring our clients to employ industry good practices.

Our operational excellence sets the standard for the delivery of proven security services, training and education to enable our customers to securely and efficiently manage their infrastructure.

Decades of experience

With over a decade of experience in the technology security marketplace, we have assembled a suite of security offerings and a business strategy formed on the real-world needs of your business.

First Defence strives to provide superior value over the long term through our discreet and ongoing managed services. We are confident that you will enjoy working with our experienced team.

Total Quality Management

First Defence employs a Total Quality Management philosophy by monitoring and researching the trends in the security industry, and adapting to this ever evolving market to ensure the highest quality of security service for our clients.

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