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29 September 2013

With the growing use of social engineering to commit fraud, what can your organisation do to prevent it?

25 July 2013

An introduction to defending against one of the most prevalent threats faced by organisations today – social engineering

18 February 2013

First Defence are once again running two training courses at Infosec in April. Infosecurity Europe have partnered with us to provide specialist Social Engineering workshops along side the show.

29 October 2012

How secure is your organisation? Could Social Engineering attacks succeed? Come and learn the techniques and formulate a defence strategy with UK specialists First Defence in Vienna during November.

26 October 2012

In an age where the concept of money is becoming a digital device, many financial institutions are looking for new ways to help us access and use our money. Each of these new ways brings further challenges to balance the necessary security requirements against the users desire for an simple and efficient experience.